Our 1St RV Maps Project

Our first RV Maps Project was great! Met some wonderful people in Ringgold, Louisiana!

We were blessed to hear Ed Kepplinger preach one Sunday and then I was honored to bring the message on the next Sunday!

Of course we voluntered during the week. We😜(well,A.B)redid the bathroom in parsonage, installing a shower, moving and resetting toilet. We did lots of painting.(Carol)
We really enjoyed working with Jim and Jackie Myers, Ed & Glenda Kepplinger.
Can’t leave out Tommy & Diane Hobson, who came up to Ringgold, even though he is recovering from a procedure.
We also spent the night in ‘Hobsonville,’ bought some cool things from the Thrift Shop, visited the church, and ate some great shrimp(Carol) and crawfish (AB)
We met Pastor Martha Grigg,her daughter Cindy,and her husband Greg at the RV Convention in October. We were inspired by the presentation asking for help as their church that had been destroyed by a tornado. I believe we made life long friends with this family, even met many of Martha’s family and helped them celebrate her birthday!
We love retirement! Love living the Blessed Life.

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