Let’s astound heaven!

Last night I dreamed I was actually participating in heaven’s praises! They were giving high praise!

It seemed to be a honor ceremony for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

In my dream it was like I was able to be apart of it, as I could hear the praise, I could feel the atmosphere of honor, and adoring reverence.

But, I also knew I was on earth. I wasn’t there and I heard myself saying, ” We represent earth! We should do no less! We should praise Him! We should honor Him!”

I ask myself the question this morning, how can we on earth praise him like they do in heaven?

What’s stopping us!

My first thought was that they have thousands of angels!

My second thought was that there is no sin in heaven, no sadness, no sickness, no pain, no tears!

And my third was that they have Jesus, resident.

As I meditated, I realized there is one thing that angels don’t have, that we on earth have! They don’t have free will!

Our worship and praise becomes loud in heaven, when we praise him with our own free will! When we praise with all our heart praise! When we praise him with all our mind, will, emotions!

All of heaven is astounded when with our life, and our testimony, we get the attention of God! We cause the angels to ask, ” What is man that your so mindful of Him?”

Yes, we live on earth, in the midst of pain, sickness, tears, but if we truly understand His sacrifice for us, his promises to us, then we will praise him and all of heaven will join us!

There is no reason why we can’t praise and honor our King of Kings and Lord of Lords in unity with heaven! The Victory Belongs to Jesus!

I ask the question again. I answered the question for myself. So now I ask you, my reader. I know you had thoughts when you were reading this.

What’s stopping you from joining heaven in praising and honoring King Jesus?

I invite you to answer the question. It could change the atmosphere!

If you would like leave me a message. I would like to hear your thoughts!

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