God is Fierce

I prayed with someone recently who had a type of nerve damage in their legs and feet. It came upon him after a recent surgery. As I was praying, God revealed to me that this attack came upon him while he was under anesthesia.

God don’t like that! He gets wroth about a enemy that illegally attacks us unaware!

The proof of this is in Psalms 18. I could just eat on this scripture for days, weeks, maybe months! The whole Psalm!

In this scripture, I hear the Lion of Judah’s roar! I believe when God roars, it is heard in heaven, on earth, and yes, under the earth!

This psalm gives us a example of a fiercely, jealous God. I feel I should stop right here , and explain that there is a good jealousy.

Exodus 34:14 For thou shall worship no other God: for the Lord, whose name is jealous, is a jealous God.

I once heard a famous person say that after visiting a Christian church and hearing God was a jealous God , she could no longer align with a God who was jealous.

What must be understood is that there is a biblical, legitimate jealously.

For example, if you try to get between me and my husband, I will not take it lightly. I will take you out!

Also you don’t get between a mama and her child.

Years ago I saw a good example of this while I was at Crystal Lake, (for you in South Georgia, you know where that was, and how long ago.)

There was a dock out in the middle part of lake, where the water was over your head. Many of the older kids would swim out and jump in. One day, some of the older ones allowed their younger cousin to go with them. He couldn’t swim that great, all he could do was ‘dog paddle.’

I was laying in the sun, next to his mama bear. She was keeping her eyes on him, when some unknown person pushed him off the dock. She was smoking a cigarette at the time and she immediately hit that water stroking, cigarette and all!

I watched as she reached her son in no…time at all . She was by him in minutes!

When I saw he was okay, I laughed at her fierceness! I laughed til I cried when I saw her come up out of the water, because that cigarette was still smoking from her mouth!

Years later I read this passage in Psalms 18: 7-8 of the action God took when Gods people called out to him in distress.

7-8: Then the earth shook and trembled; the foundation also of the hills moved and were shaken, because he was wroth. There went up a smoke out of his nostrils, and fire out of his mouth devoured: coals were kindled by it.

I couldn’t help but remember that mama. Now, granted he was not smoking a cigarette, but I think you get the picture.

I am talking about the fierceness of God to help us understand the Kingly anointing that is released as we operate in our priestly anointing on earth.

No matter what your area of ministry is, whether you are serving as a minister, entrepreneur, soldier, politics, etc, you are as a Christian, operating as the Royal Priesthood.

That is powerful, but we also need to walk in our kingly anointing.

The kingly anointing is not just for leaders. It’s for the corporate body of Christ! It’s for victory in everyday life.

We must rule and reign, and allow the roar of the Lion of Judah, to live in us and through us.

It’s time to live under the full nature of God! It’s time that be jealous of the things of God!

Don’t leave it up to someone else! Decree and declare victory! As it is in heaven so it is on the earth!

I am asking God to help me align scripturally and fully with Jesus for this time! I want to be as the sons of Issachar, who knew their time and season.

I want to walk in my legacy!



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