Unlocking your Dreams

I have a dream. It is helping others reach for and realize their dreams!

I wish I knew then, what I know now! I coulda, shoulda, woulda done things a little different.

Now, I realize, even though dreams seem far away and lofty , like clouds, they are attainable! We just have to move closer.

I should have realized ingenuity and creativity comes from God, and when we partner with him, we will get the best results!

I could have noticed that those who dream are like artist. They draw upon the cloudy dream until they paint a crystal clear picture.

Vision always begins in the heart. What your heart envisions, your mind and body will follow.

I actually have no regrets. Dreams are like anything else, subject to a process. However, we can make them more timely by taking action!

A dream will stay a dream until we take steps toward it!

My vision is clear. ” I am called to inspire and motivate others through amplifying the word of God in their lives.

I focus first on connecting people to Biblical Hope.

This is vital in my coaching, because Biblical Hope doesn’t disappoint. It has power that increases as it connects to the love of God, and partners with Him by faith.

Biblical hope has the ability to unlock your dreams. But, you have to open the door and take steps forward.

If you just dream, it’s cloudy. It’s not clear yet, because it’s your dream. It’s waiting on you to see what’s possible!

That’s where I am able to help. I can help you get to the heart of the vision through coaching. Your heart is like a treasure map, full of revelation waiting to be discovered.Once your heart draws the big picture, then steps have to  become actionable.

We can work together to build concrete steps, or maybe even a escalator! Gods the architect! Your the designer!

What’s my role?

I listen and ask questions that both inspire and challenge you to write the vision and make it plain!

I am encouraging you dreamers! Your dreams are attainable! Dream Big! You can turn the ‘impossible to possible!’

Get your ‘Biblical Hope,’ in gear and open the door!

Next step! Write it down, pray for clarity! Ask God to partner with you. What seems impossible just may be possible!

If you like you can email me at writtenbycarol@gmail.com

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