Going to the Sun Road

4ee7e7ed-39d8-4620-bf4a-59cbe0debc2b-1144-000000c4b12e1d7c_fileOh my goodness. I’m scared! Up on top of the mountain. Looking down is not a option. It’s raining too.

We just got to Logan’s pass. We are very close to the snow we have been filming and seeing on the, “Road to the Sun.”

My ears are hurting both with cold and altitude. I jump out while he parks, grateful for a bathroom. And those that know me, know I’m not skittish, we pull a travel trailer, and I have used alot of outhouse type toilets.  I just wish I’d had the presence of mind,  to take a picture of this rv type toilet. The hole that you potty into was like a rushing rapids underneath. I’m glad I didn’t drop…..nothing. My phone, what were you thinking?  Seriously though, it was like dark water rafting under there.

It’s time to wind our way back down.  It is sleeting as we get back into truck, so we are out of our comfort zone. Understatement. At least I’m not driving. We are following a tour car and Glacier Mountain van,  so we know we are at least going in the right direction.

On the way up, we got into the fog, and AB couldn’t see very well. I couldn’t either since my eyes were closed. That was a white knuckle experience. I’m blogging live, just to keep from freaking out.

Thank God, we are on the mountain side now, going back down. No fog now,  thanks to MY prayers.

AB says, “ It’s not that bad, I’m just having to compensate for those hugging our side.” Well,  I don’t blame them! It’s scary when there is nothing between you and thousands of feet drop!

It was fun, though. A adventure!

Young people need to come here and camp out and hike. They would have the time of thier lives. Today, some hiking area’s are closed because of bear activity. Not the friendly ones you see on T-shirt’s with sun glasses.  The real bears, that are coming out of hibernation, hungry.

What a great day in Glacier Park. We will have to come back on a day it’s not rainy, foggy, and cold.  By the way, seniors get the America the Beautiful pass for federal parks. You get in free and avoid long lines.  Can’t wait to visit Yellowstone National Park on the way home at the end of July.

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