Identifying your Dream

Some things you hear, just stick in your spirit. Like, ” you can’t dream while in survival mode.”

I heard this on the show, America’s Got Talented.

I listened as a man was preparing to sing. He was explaining why he was doing the show. He said it was to inspire his six children to pursue their dreams.

In his instance, he and his wife adopted the children. He obviously knew his influence could be big in their lives. He decided to do what it took to realize his own dreams. Because, he said, ” you can’t dream in survival mode.”

He used his voice to sing, thereby creating a stronger voice, and hopefully a strong influence, in his children’s lives.

His dream then, was to help these children live better lives! To thrive, not just survive.

These children gave him the motivation and courage to enter the contest. And he was good, a really good singer.

His dream inspired me.

As a Christ follower, I believe survival in this world is made possible by Jesus. We are adopted into the family of God through our faith in him.

He became our voice, when we couldn’t speak for ourselves. When we couldn’t dream, he made promises to us through his word.

I learned to trust him and every word in the Bible as truth.

From that truth came my dream. My dream is to help others dream come true.

It may sound self sacrificing to some. I don’t care.

It’s been my call since I was a child. I know God’s word is truth, and His truth will make us free.

It’s not been a easy call. It’s hard, because many people are blinded to the truth. You usually have to repeat truth over and over. And usually the truth will tick them off, before it actually can set them free.

However frustrating to me this can be, I can’t turn back. I am equipped to do this.

How do I know I am equipped to do this?

Because I am not in survival mode.

I am in life and life abundant. All my needs are met by Jesus, according to his riches in glory.

How do I do this?

I seek to inspire others to move toward God’s way of doing things. It’s the only way I know to live.

I continue in speaking life over them.

I call out the thief who is set on stealing, killing, and destroying not just dreams, but attempting to take their life.

I continuing giving reminders that Jesus said he came to give life and life more abundant.

It’s true right now that many are just existing and living in survival mode. It’s going to get worse in the world. (I will give scriptures next blog.)

It means every Christ follower must dream and dream big!

Leave survival mode! Stop just existing! Live!

We must obtain a greater voice in our nation.


Because, many of our children are living in survival mode.

If you are not living in survival mode, then you are living abundantly.

That means you can dream.

That means you must pursue your dream. It takes faith. It takes work. It takes having a vision bigger than you are. It takes patience!

Most of all it takes a strong cause!

What’s your strong cause?

That’s your first step to living your dream. Identify your cause.

Please identify your strong cause today to increase the voice of God in your life. A good strong cause is vital to support your dreams!

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