Cruising into 70!

Introducing the 70’s Sailing Crew

Our shirts say, ” Cruise Control.”

Sitting in the middle is my sister Faye. Her shirt says, “Cruising My Way into 70”

She reached the age 70 before us and we wanted to celebrate with her! So her sisters, and some of her nieces took her on a cruise to the Bahama’s.

We had a blast on the Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas Ship. Hats 🎩 off to our captain, who was from the Ukraine. His crew boasted 52 different nationalities! Including the United States. The display of the different cultures working together was one of the highlights from our trip! We loved the Flag Ceremony!

We also loved how the waiters learned everyone’s name on the first night at our dinner hour. And of course we loved the great entree’s.

Also at the Buffet Style Diner, all the waiters lined up as they opened the doors and clapped as those who waited in line came in. They knew how to celebrate with the passengers!

We especially enjoyed our day on the Island Of Cocoa Cay! The Island Crew literally roasted a pig!

So our trip consisted of lots of good food, lots of sunshine, and lots of celebration. Some of our ‘crew’ enjoyed snorkeling in the beautiful Blue Sea.

Some went on a tour and swam with the Sea Lions.

Oh yea, and everyone went shopping! That’s goes without saying! Lots of shopping in the Bahama’s and on the ship!

Last but not least, I want to boast about God, and thank him for the safe traveling, and also for the blessing of a family that loves each other perfectly, even though we are not perfect!

Well, some of us are. But, I wouldn’t want to single anybody out!

To the other half of our family who didn’t get to go, we love you! Let’s do this next year, bigger!

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