Paris, France

I was presented the opportunity to spend 12 days in Paris, France. Of course I took it!

I knew I would be out of my comfort zone. Different culture, different language, and different money, was just the top 3 things I expected.

What I didn’t expect was the very fast pace it would take to get around!

I got shut out on the metro one time and one time only. I learned to push my way in like the rest of them. I saw a lady get her case stuck in the door and I am a quick learner. When the alarm sounds the door closes, get in or get out, it’s going to close.

I busted my tail on the streets of Paris, visiting museums, mausoleums, and monuments . I literally busted my tail on the cobblestone street as I tripped and landed on my backside.

My favorite part was not the Eiffel Tower, though it is beautiful, especially at night. It was not the ballet, though I love the interpretation of Cinderella. It wasn’t even the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral with all its history and stained glass windows.

My favorite was our visit to Omaha Beach in Normandy. I wish I could fully explain why! I really felt a solemn peace.

It was a humbling experience as we encountered the many graves, and were reminded of the heartbreak of that day, on Omaha Beach.

I strongly felt the presence of God and maybe even the soldiers, who rested there.

The graves with each name engraved and the number given them engraved on the back of the graves brought a emotional response.

One grave I saw was a unknown soldier. Unknown by man, but certainly known by God. Of course no number on the back of his grave.

Later that day, the flag was lowered over the American Cemetery. As we stood there tears filled my eyes,

I wish that war didn’t have to happen. I grieved for what mankind is capable of doing to one another.

Yet, at the same time my respect for their heroism is very high. I thank God for the United States Military, and for their continual sacrifice to keep us safe!

May God bless America!

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