Recognizably Different

I’m in love with the potential of the new year.

At the minimum, we have at least 365 new opportunities to excel in life.

We will have to be very intentional. I already know that the year 2019 will be a year of Distinction.

I know that because I intend to make the best of it! I intend to prepare for it!

Since I know there are 365 days in a year, that means I am training for a marathon, not a sprint.

Yes, it’s the first of the year. I’m excited! I wrote down my goals and intentions to be recognizably different in the world. I want everything I do to be as distinctive as my father in heaven.

My vision for the year is to align with Jesus first and foremost and his vision stated in John 10:10 “Life and Life abundantly. ”

Yet, I know the first part of the verse says, I have a enemy. He plans to steal, kill, destroy.

My preparation has to include preparation for my years journey. Anyone can ‘keep the faith’ in a sprint. But my vision of making 2019 align with God’s will for my life will not happen overnight.

Therefore I’m preparing for a marathon race. It begins with a decision, and continues with determination and sacrifice. The goal is fight the good fight of faith. To practice true biblical freedom.

On the chopping block:

Anything that has the ability to steal, kill, or destroy in my life.

I’m downsizing. If it’s not speaking life, it’s not speaking into my life.

Hope this inspires someone besides me!

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