Dreams are aspirations, ambitions, and idea’s.

When we allow ourselves to ‘daydream,’ we let our imaginations out of the cage and allow them to fly.

Then, too many of us, sigh and force ourselves back into a reality that says those dreams are just wild imaginations.

What if that is wrong thinking? What if the worlds reality is holding us down.

Have you ever heard, ” Get your head out of the clouds, and get your feet on the ground?”

I’m sure you have, if you’ve lived over 5 minutes, or at least you have heard something like it.

Words can tear you down or they can build you up.

Negativity can be like a taser and paralyze your movement. But only if you allow the atmosphere to reside in you.

We live in this world but we are not of this world.

John 17:6, 26 are the words of Jesus explaining that we come out of the world, when we believe his word and trust in his name.

Christ prayer for protection, joy, love, and unity with him , applies to those who believe in him.

When we believe, we come out of the world, and our belief sanctifies us.

Our atmosphere changes from one of negativity to one, that says ” all things are possible to those who love God.”

Be inspired! Examine your belief system. Call things into order. Embrace your true life!

True to Life Reality can be your new world when you embrace the one- eighty perspective. It’s imperative we follow God’s will for us.

This is good news. We have a inheritance. You can see this as your summons to be appear at the reading of God’s will.

Who wouldn’t want to show up? Who wouldn’t want to know what has been passed down from to generation?

We each have heirlooms that has been passed to us from the New Covenant.

This is valuable information! Through the gracious gift of God, we have been listed as inheritors through our Lord Jesus Christ.

He gave us access by faith into this grace in which you now have standing.

When we hear this good news, we should rejoice and hope in the great magnificent person of God.

Not only that, we also can rejoice in sufferings, because, suffering produces persistence in us to succeed. Persistence produces both mental and moral qualities in us.

It’s not that we enjoy suffering. That would be bizarre. It’s is dimpling enjoying becoming divine problem solvers!

It feels good to handle problems properly. It can be enjoyable becoming mature in character. It just keeps getting better and better as we have relationship with God.

As we mature, our hope becomes mature! When our hope becomes mature, it elevates. In other words it’s supernatural! It increase biblical hope. Biblical hope does not disappoint.

Have your ever heard someone say, I don’t want to get my hopes up?

Maybe, you have said, I’m not going to expect it to go my way.

Let’s change that. Let’s do a one-eighty. I’m your life coach today.

Get your hopes up! Expect it to go your way. Employ your problems. Don’t let problems employ you!

Meditate on Romans, chapter 5, especially verse 5, ” Hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit whom he has given us.”

I have my hopes up for you as my readers.

I am imploring each of you to go on the journey to freedom! My aspiration is that you will take the Anxiety Free Challenge.. And when in life when things get really bizarre, I hope you will retain the truth of the gospel, and apply the teaching of Problems have Benefits.

Most of all, I am praying that you will do a one-eighty and live life to the fullest.

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