Upside down

Sometimes we are up and sometimes down! It’s life!

Yesterday, as I swept the pine straw off my front porch, I noticed the welcome mat was upside down. I laughed, as I wondered how long it had been that way.

Our circular drive leads visitors to our back door, so we don’t use the front door often. Let’s just say if someone knocks on our front door, we know they are visitors. But still, when someone approaches your home, you want to be hospitable.

It gave me pause to think about welcome signs in life. When someone approaches our lives, what is their first impression?

Does it depend on how we feel that day?

If we feel up, do they see and feel peace, joy and happiness?

If we feel down, is our welcome mat upside down?

Maybe, we don’t get upside down on purpose. Life is hard. Sometimes, we don’t want visitors to even cross our doorstep. But when we view hard times as necessary as good times, we can be in charge of our emotions.

E-motion. Energy in motion.

If we understand emotions are our energy in motion, we can be more intentional as to where they lead us.

We don’t have to let negative e-motion drain us. It doesn’t have to be the first thing people notice about us. We can be intentional.

We may not get to decide what comes to our front door, but we can decide what comes in.

When we are more discerning of what we let into our lives, we can regulate our lives better. We can decide whether the approach is clear and right-side up.

It doesn’t negate your feelings to reign them in.

Have you noticed that when you are patient to judge a situation, it’s not as bad as you first thought?

Maybe the old adage, ” sleep on it,” is wisdom after all.

Your thoughts?

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