When following Christ Hurts

That title hurts. I didn’t want to write it. And yet, it’s true that following Christ hurts at times.

Having read the sayings of Christ that begin with, ” He who has a ear let him hear,” I researched to find what it means in the Hebrew language. It means we should hear to obey.

When we read a scripture why don’t we obey it?

I can only speak to my experiences and what I observe around me concerning this subject. We suffer hurt when we fully follow Christ.

When we read the scripture and hear to obey, it can put us in the cross-hairs of others. It can put us on the front line in a war zone.

Many of us fear man more than we fear God. And when that happens we find ourselves in the atmosphere of unbelief. Let’s just call it what it is. Because if we believed what the word of God is truth, then we would do it.

Standing in the light fully, makes us transparent. That’s hard for mankind. We want to fade to black, get out of the limelight. Hide in the bushes.

God though, isn’t into hiding. He calls us out of darkness into light. He does roll call.

Where are you? Who have you been talking to? Whose garden, and what tree are you eating from?

Following Christ cost us our lives. When we surrender, many choices are no longer ours to make.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m good with that. My will not thine is my prayer.

If aligning with his word cost me friends, family, popularity, I’m good with that too! His love is greater than life!

To follow Jesus, you unfollow the world.

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