Background Check

Stay Gold

I recently did a background check on some of Gods faith filled servants. One in particular stood out to me. A entire book in the Old Testament will benefit us concerning how to remain faith filled in bizarre times. It is in the book of Job.

The book of Job begins by telling us that this man Job was blameless and upright and shunned evil.

The word blameless refers to moral integrity. It paints the picture of Job having a whole hearted, undivided commitment to God.

That’s what the word integrity means, whole and undivided.

I find the book of Job a very present help in the bizarre times we are now experiencing.

Note: Please, read and meditate on this scripture with the view point that Job was a ‘type of Christ.’

I have preached on this subject with the title being, “ Stay Gold.”

Like Job when the enemy undermines us , we should mine for nuggets of truth.

Job said in 23:10 “ He knows the way that I take; when he has tested me, I will come forth as pure gold.

It’s hard, these trials. I admit reading the suffering Job endured, tough. But, thanks be to God, we can now see how the enemy works unseen by us, to destroy our commitment to God.

There is a concern in our time, mankind is failing to see the beauty of the creation of God. Man not realizing the power of the God given will to choose life.

Even those believing and trusting God may use the power of their will to choose to prioritize their own agenda.

Job teaches us that Gods word is above all. We often do not see the truth. Also, when we don’t believe the truth of Gods word. That can only be the pride of life operating in our lives.

True believers will have integrity and that draws a target on our backs. However… we have spiritual armor that protects and preserves our lives. We have all we need to live for God. Jesus is our Messiah!

Integrity is whole hearted and undivided focus that exhibits the character of God.

When you have integrity you are going to attract the observation of others. Job did! Some people will want what we have and seek us out. Some see the pattern our lives to the glory of God.

Unfortunately, some want what we have but do not want the cost of maintaining integrity.

Many want the glory without the worship of Jesus Christ, the son of God.

The cost for Job was the worst, extreme, bizarre attack possible.

The cost for believers today for this type of integrity?

Believe in the son of God. Believe in the birth, the death, the resurrection of Jesus. We must accept it all and worship Jesus. He paid it all, once for all.

What Job saw in the future in Job 19:25 he said: “ I know my redeemer lives and one day he will stand upon the earth.”

What Job saw, we can have.

Our redeemer lives! We have been given the ability to exemplify his character by the choice of our will. He gave us the righteousness of God through the cross,

1 Peter 2:24 -25 He, Himself bore our sin in his body on the tree so that we might dies to sin and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed. For you were like sheep going astray but now you have been returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your soul.

Praise God! We did a background check on Job! We know the background of our redeemer! We know the gospel! All that remains then is to do a background check on yourself!

Are you maintaining your inheritance? Are you maintaining your gift of salvation?

If a background check was done by satan today on you, will you maintain your integrity.

Will God say, “Well done my good and faithful servant?”

Theses crazy times are a test, but not for God. He knows! He is for you, not against you!

Do you know when Jesus comes he will find faith alive and well in you?

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