When following Christ Hurts

That title hurts. I didn’t want to write it. And yet, it’s true that following Christ hurts at times.

Having read the sayings of Christ that begin with, ” He who has a ear let him hear,” I researched to find what it means in the Hebrew language. It means we should hear to obey.

When we read a scripture why don’t we obey it?

I can only speak to my experiences and what I observe around me concerning this subject. We suffer hurt when we fully follow Christ.

When we read the scripture and hear to obey, it can put us in the cross-hairs of others. It can put us on the front line in a war zone.

Many of us fear man more than we fear God. And when that happens we find ourselves in the atmosphere of unbelief. Let’s just call it what it is. Because if we believed what the word of God is truth, then we would do it.

Standing in the light fully, makes us transparent. That’s hard for mankind. We want to fade to black, get out of the limelight. Hide in the bushes.

God though, isn’t into hiding. He calls us out of darkness into light. He does roll call.

Where are you? Who have you been talking to? Whose garden, and what tree are you eating from?

Following Christ cost us our lives. When we surrender, many choices are no longer ours to make.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m good with that. My will not thine is my prayer.

If aligning with his word cost me friends, family, popularity, I’m good with that too! His love is greater than life!

To follow Jesus, you unfollow the world.

Doubles in the year 2020

For the last few years, I have prayed about one word focus.

In 2018 I received Sustain. In 2019 Stand! In 2020 I have been given ” Watch!”

As always, if you read my blog, I also receive inspiration from Holy Spirit on how to implement what he gives to me.

And, I don’t think this is just for me and my family, I think this word is for anyone who reads it and believes God for it!

Holy Spirit says : “Watch what I do in 2020!”

I am hearing ” Watch what I do!

Watch what you do!

Watch for the greatest outpouring of my Spirit in 2020!

2020 is a year of Harvest.

What we have given, and the things we put in order in 2018, and stood on in 2019, will be given to us in doubles in 2020!

What should we watch for in 2020?

We should watch for opportunities to believe like never before!

Watch that we put loving others as a priority. It will be the credited as the principal of giving in 2020.

Watch that we live fully, as it will be accounted for as giving in 2020.

In 2020, Who you are in Him will open doors for you! Who you are, will bring peace and prosperity!

Not peace and prosperity as the world gives, but as the Word of God gives.


Watch, that you do not judge things too quickly. That you do not condemn! It is not the year of keeping order!

You do have a few more days of 2019 to pray, prophesy and ask God to align you, your family, your ministry with him! Do what it takes to be dressed for service!

It is the year we have been cleared for take off! Be prepared to enjoy 2020!

Luke 12:35-37 NIV Be dressed ready for service and keep your lamps burning, 36 like men waiting for their master to return from a wedding banquet, so that when he comes and knocks, they can immediately open the door for him. 37 It will be good for those servants whose master finds them watching when he comes.

Remember he supply’s the oil, it’s his house! We keep the lamps burning!

Matthew 5:14 You are the light of the world!

Light up!

Thanks for listening!

Truth and the Light is always Shining

Psalm 43:3 (ESV)
Send out your light and your truth; let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy hill and to your dwelling!

As we travel through the States of Montana and Wyoming you can’t help but remember our God.

Genesis says: He created the universe in six days!

If you ever been to Yellowstone Park through Bear tooth Pass, Glacier Park, and the ride to the sun to Logan’s Pass, you can get the understanding. So many mountains, lakes, canyons. From the foot of the mountain to the snow on the top, you see the beautiful scenery, summer, spring, and fall! You can see uninhabited, wide open spaces that blend seamlessly into the unlimited big sky.

The revelation of what a awesome creator my father is rushes to the forefront of the mind!

Easy to see how man partnering with God, has the ingenuity to build the roads to this beauty, and it causes thankfulness to God!

Thankfulness for his invitation to be a part of Him!

I don’t care who you are and what you believe or don’t believe. Man couldn’t even create one mountain in six days!

Impossible with man, but all things are possible with God!

Ingenuity! Creativity! Let’s accept his gracious offer of life with him! Partnership with God!

Time after Time

We live in the atmosphere of ‘ time after time.’

Time after time, humankind has faced the same problems, applying the same solutions. One generation passes and another comes.

The wisest man in the universe made this statement, “there is no new thing under the sun.”

Ecclesiastes 1:9 “The thing that has been, is the thing which will be; and that which is done is that which will be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

If we don’t get the real point behind his statement, we will be like ‘hamsters on a wheel,’ operating in useless effort.

God is eternal. He has a plan for our lives. His plan is better than life.

I experienced this frustration when I was in my thirties. I looked at what I know now, was a beautiful life, and compared it to the ‘ worlds view of success.’

I found it lacking. It cost me some things that I will never get back. In the worldly view two wonderful sons, and a great husband wasn’t enough. I wanted to make my mark.

Now reading back in my journals, I want to coach my 30 year old self. I want to talk to her!

If she could know then, what I know now, she would enjoy her present life more. I would say continue with, ” Do your best, God will do the rest.”

I would tell her, ” adversity is good for you. Don’t shoo it away, like a stray cat. Don’t feed it, it will leave when the time comes.”

I would tell her to stop criticizing herself and others. Stop comparing herself or her family to other families.

It wasn’t just me.

I would encourage my 32 husband that he was a great success already! He was a great father. A great provider.

Don’t read me wrong. I believe things turned for our good. I’m only regretting not enjoying the process more.

I would tell him not to buy into the lie that said, ” if you are not successful by age thirty, you will never be successful.”

Looking back now, somethings were a real struggle. We didn’t have any real mentors to get truthful with us.

Or maybe we did, we just didn’t pay attention. We didn’t recognize the truth.

What “they,” said was speaking so loud, we didn’t hear what God already said.

Who were ‘they?’ Who are ‘they,’ now?

I really want to encourage someone today. Listen to God. Read his word and obey his word. If you do that you will be a success.

I will tell you this; If I read the words of my creator every single day, I will be saved from self-doubt, insecurity, and intimidation.

Maybe I wouldn’t have done things to differently concerning my career. I’m glad my husband focused on being a business owner.

I do believe though, I could have experienced more serenity in my life.

I would not have wasted useless effort trying to discover something I already had.

Daily we must realign our lives to truth.

At age thirty, we were just getting started in life. At 30, I had already been married for 14 years. That in itself was a success!

My husband did establish his business, when he was 33 years old. He is a success today, because he never gave up.We made mistakes but we repented.

We realigned ourselves to the word of God. We know there is nothing new under the sun that he did not create. There is no solution other than the solution he created.

The good news for believers is that Gods word is eternal. It’s for every generation and for every time. God’s word never returns void, but always accomplishes what he send it out to do.

Success needs to be redefined based on His word.

Look at Joshua 1:8 (paraphrased) Meditation on the word day and night and you will be a good success.

Successful is doing the best you can do in life. It’s being the best you can be. Loving who you are, and what you do. Loving your family.

If you don’t have a family yet, then it’s the time to look around and see who your real family happens to be, and love them!

Thirty is not the time to dig up everything you planted. It is a time to dig in and plant your feet. No starting over.

Goodness, I wish I knew then, what I know now!

I would have focused on relationship over anything else. It has a order for it to experience true success.

God first, family second. Spouse first, children, and then immediate family.

The family that prays together, stays together. I believe this with all my being.

After that: The family that plays together stays together.

Though it might not appear my family is successful as others define successful, make no mistake, we are successful in God’s ‘eyes.’

We are not aiming for perfect. Our goal is eternity.

With the goal of eternity in mind, I do not have to strive for it. I already have the promise of life eternal. The New Covenant assures me of that.

I am successful. There is nothing under the sun, that can move me any closer to ‘already there.’

We have got to get this. I didn’t deserve my salvation. I was still a sinner, when he died for me.

I accepted the truth of that at age 18. Nothing changed, when I walked off the path and got lost in the wilderness. Nothing changed when time after time nothing new under the sun, was lost in my understanding. I rambled around trying to find the one thing that would make me stand out in the world. Now, I laugh at my 30 year old self. I had what counted the most.

A great savior. His established plan. His love is better than life.

A wonderful unperfect husband. 2 rambunctious, unperfected sons.

A imperfect, down to earth pastor and church family.

I am blessed!

Can Jesus walk barefoot in your house?

We all are familiar with Romans 4:3 where it is recorded that Abraham believed God and it was counted as righteousness.
Belief in God brings us into right standing. That’s our covenant right as children of Abraham by faith!
We all know our Abrahamic Covenant where God counts belief as righteousness.
But I wonder if we are acquainted with another man whose action was counted as righteousness.

Psalms 106: 30-31 Then stood up Phineas and executed judgement. And so the plague was stayed. And That was counted him for righteousness unto all generations forever more.

Who was this Guy? Phineas ?
Evidently not famous. He was just like you and I! He was a part of the Family of God. He was the grandson of Aaron.

He saw certain people were not in faith. Saw they had forgotten God. Saw that God would have destroyed them if Moses had not interceded for them. Saw how they murmured and refused to listen and continually provoked God.
Then, they began to intermingle with the Moabite women sent to weaken Israel by one of Gods own prophets . He was told he couldn’t curse what God had blessed so he told the king what what would weaken Israel.
But the one man, Phineas rose up and took action.
He stood up!
He executed judgement!
Hebrew Phrase: executed judgement means: he made a decision to act officially. (He took authority as a priest)
He executed judgement, and it not only stopped a plague in its tracks, it was counted as a act of righteousness forevermore on his behalf.

Numbers 25: 12-13 God gave him a covenant of peace and he said it was for him and his seed, a everlasting covenant.

We may not have the ability to do physically do what Phineas was able to do.
The authority of spiritual leaders in our country has been weakened. We intermingle too much. There Is no respect for our national leaders, or our president! ( That’s biblically incorrect by the way.)

But, we must have the same spiritual zealousness to help bring atonement, and pray judgement against unbelievers who seek to destroy our faith.

It’s our responsibility as the church to discern, and judge.

1 Peter 4:17 for the time has come that judgement must begin at the house of God, and it first begins with us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

What will be the end be? Spiritual death.

Judgement in the church means cleansing! If we do not take responsibility to execute judgement, who will?

1 Cor. 6: 2 the saints shall judge the world.

So, we must stand up and pray judgement.

Vs. 9 the unrighteousness do not inherit the kingdom of God.

We also must pray separation / cleansing for unbelievers!

The blood of Christ Jesus is the only way to stop evil. The blood of Christ is over our doorpost is our sanctification.

Are we brave enough to pray judgement (cleansing) so God can stop the chaos in our families, bodies, church, nation?

We cannot abide with rebellion, unbelief because it will kept you out of the ‘rest,’ of God. We will not walk in peace.

We cannot take sin lightly, it is very deceptive.

You may not go to hell if you commit a sin, we all sin. But sin not repented of will cause a hardening of your heart and a hardened heart is a unbelieving heart.

That angers God.
Read Hebrews 3

Let’s be courageous! When we are courageous, we will see a great result. Let’s stand up!

It will be counted as righteousness just because of our faith! Let’s be righteous!

We live in a world that claims righteousness. But righteousness is separation from the world.

When we are zealous to remain separated for the Lords sake, and be willing to be judged, the result will be covenant peace. We will walk in assurance. That’s God’s true rest.

Can JESUS Walk through your house barefoot?
If not maybe you can get rid of what you would hide if you knew he was coming to your house today.

You are the household of God in Christ Jesus.

Maybe, we need to ask for God’s cleansing on our children, homes, church, government.

Maybe if we pray judgement on unbelievers, it will bring them in a place of atonement with God.

Just thoughts today, that softened my heart to pray for Jesus to always be welcome to walk barefoot through my life!

Thanks for listening!

Perhaps Today

I took my title for this post from Grant Jeffrey, a man that I respect, especially for his study on end time prophecies.

I asked him to write one of his favorite sayings in my bible. He so looked forward to the coming of our Lord, Jesus, he wrote, “Perhaps Today!”

I am happy to say he has made it home already. I am grateful for access to his studies through this Prophecy Study Bible.

“Prophecy is vital to us in this hour.

I am quoting 4 major reasons that he wrote:

1. Fulfilled prophecy authenticates the Bible as the inspired word of God.

2. The message of the Prophet calls the church to live in purity and holiness.

3. The prophetic message of the imminent return of Jesus Christ, motivates us to witness to those around us.

4. The message of prophecy is a vital evangelistic tool for reaching the lost.

God can use prophecy to help convince unbelievers that the Bible is the inspired word of God, thereby bringing them to a place where they may consider the truth of the Gospel.

I love these reasons to study prophecy and I truly believe prophecy is essential to our lives as believers.

We are also reminded as the church , we are called to live in purity and practice wholeness.

As we travel we are carrying the good news and we are prophesying over these states.

God Bless America!

When a Dream Becomes a Legacy

In the picture above this Pastor is encouraging the family of a dreamer.

Their family member dreamed of this beautiful addition being built at Burns Assembly Of God in Slocomb, Alabama.

It was a touching moment, as their loved one was was unable to be at this dedication service. He was instead celebrating in heaven with Jesus!

This dreamer left a legacy.

A legacy that will live on as this beautiful building will be used to encourage others for many years.

As members of the RV Maps Volunteers that worked on this project, we did not have the pleasure of meeting the person who dreamed the dream.

That’s okay, we have a relationship with the same God.

We have the same faith in the hope that whatever we begin and entrust to God, will be finished by God.

This work is now finished and dedicated to our Lord Jesus Christ!

We, RV Maps volunteers were blessed to be Gods vessels! We were and are excited to be a part of the dream!