Some days, are uninspiring.

I put dirty towels in the washer of our washer /dryer combo, the soap in the dispenser, set the dryer to 90 minutes and walked out of the laundry room.

If my husband hadn’t tossed me a dirty towel to throw in the wash, that empty dryer would have tossed air for a hour and a half.

High pollen cause me to feel like a dim whit. I feel so….uninspired …..today.

But, I promised I would write on my blog every day for thirty days.

Did you know there are uninspired quotes?

They are created to make fun of the folks who write inspirational quotes.

Some are funny! I read one that said. ” I exercised for a hour and all I lost was 60 minutes.”

That reminded me of my dryer spinning empty. All we lost was electricity!

Oh sure, I would have wandered back (eventually) scolding myself for never pressing the on button of the washing machine.

It remind me of another quote: ” I had my patience tested, I’m negative.”

So to all of those who live life today tired, instead of inspired, here’s another one, ” I don’t think I get enough credit, I did all this unmedicated.”

When your day nets a zero, don’t give up! Tomorrow has got to be better!

Rise to Live

I often quote wise and inspirational sayings as a way to encourage others, to rise from failures, and keep moving forward.

Many times, as I look at words penned by man, they give me pause. Because, many sayings represent a worldly viewpoint.

I have no desire to focus my attention on something that can only be temporary. My vision for my life is eternal.

Today I read this quote by Miguel de Cervantes, ” He can, who believes he can.”

Cervantes was a Spanish Author and Poet, and if it interest you, look at his outcome to see if faith in yourself is the best legacy to pursue.

Not a bad quote in itself. Yet, it’s actually asking you to have faith in yourself, which is a temporary solution, in a temporary world.

To be eternally focused one should give attention to the words of Jesus, who says, ” By myself I can do nothing.”

In John 5: 24, the encouragement of Jesus, in his own words, says, ” I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word, and believes him who sent me, has eternal life, and will not be condemned, he has crossed over from death into life.”

From his word, I have faith to rise, not just momentarily, for a season, in a temporary world, but also eternally!

Ah, the best of both worlds, where we have confidence in the author of faith, and eternal life.

When I preview the history of Jesus, concerning his outcome, I believe he died, and rose again!

When I have faith in him, I rise to live.

I believe in God, not in myself. I trust, that I will live life and life more abundantly by believing his word.

What do you expect your outcome to be when you leave this world?

Developing a Ducks Back

The feathers of ducks are coated with oil that repels water. Water literally rolls of their back.

I love the many hidden illustrations found in creation.

The ducks have so many feathers that if God had not placed oil in them, they would have a difficult time being ducks.

Even though we don’t have feathers, live in water, or have the ability to fly, we could benefit from developing a ducks back.

You have probably heard someone start a sentence with this phrase, ” Don’t get your feathers ruffled.”

Many times , the temptation to listen defensively is a first response. But, if we determine to develop a ‘ducks back,’ we can listen to keep our options open.

When we refuse to jump to conclusions, or take it personally, we can curtail offense and prevent much chaos.

When we determine to let the negatives roll off of us, like water off a ducks back, we keep the peace.

The next time your near a park, spend some time watching ducks glide through the water. Nature speaks.

I took this picture in Paris.

Inspirations of Life

I draw inspiration from the beautiful mountains.

The first time I saw the mountains in Colorado, I was not just inspired, I was in awe.

I wasn’t prepared for the beauty!

They appeared in front of me as big, beautiful, priceless oil paintings. Yet, they were real!

I couldn’t imagine living in the area, as I could never take my eyes off the sheer beauty!

After a few days, I was less aware of them, and they became the background around me.

The gift of life is just as awe inspiring. It’s big, beautiful, and priceless!

Yet, as we live life daily, the beauty fades into the background. Our focus becomes smaller and we allow life circumstances to become rivals for the forefront of attention.

Circumstances happen, but they should never be larger than life.

We shouldn’t let the beauty of every day become our background.

How can we flip the script?

As I thought about this, I decided. As for me and my life, I am going to make it my goal to live a big, beautiful, awe inspiring life.

I am committed to keep my eye on the great gift of life, God has already outlined for me.

I may not be the artist, but he has given me my own will. I get to fill in the lines.

Honestly, I don’t think I can look at his creation without first thinking of Him. He is the artist.

I draw from that perception. I am aligning my view to his view. As I do, I see circumstances taking a back seat on my journey.

Sure they will be there, that’s a given. But, my present troubles do not determine my journey in life. They don’t have the right!

Troubles do not design me and you.

We don’t have to allow them to refine us. Only God has the right.

Circumstances do not outline our future. God has already done that.

We have been given life and life abundant. John 10:10

The present circumstances don’t determine where we can go, they merely determine where we start.

–Nido Qubein

View life like a journey, if circumstances determine your start, recalculate.

Have a big, beautiful, awe inspiring life!

Upside down

Sometimes we are up and sometimes down! It’s life!

Yesterday, as I swept the pine straw off my front porch, I noticed the welcome mat was upside down. I laughed, as I wondered how long it had been that way.

Our circular drive leads visitors to our back door, so we don’t use the front door often. Let’s just say if someone knocks on our front door, we know they are visitors. But still, when someone approaches your home, you want to be hospitable.

It gave me pause to think about welcome signs in life. When someone approaches our lives, what is their first impression?

Does it depend on how we feel that day?

If we feel up, do they see and feel peace, joy and happiness?

If we feel down, is our welcome mat upside down?

Maybe, we don’t get upside down on purpose. Life is hard. Sometimes, we don’t want visitors to even cross our doorstep. But when we view hard times as necessary as good times, we can be in charge of our emotions.

E-motion. Energy in motion.

If we understand emotions are our energy in motion, we can be more intentional as to where they lead us.

We don’t have to let negative e-motion drain us. It doesn’t have to be the first thing people notice about us. We can be intentional.

We may not get to decide what comes to our front door, but we can decide what comes in.

When we are more discerning of what we let into our lives, we can regulate our lives better. We can decide whether the approach is clear and right-side up.

It doesn’t negate your feelings to reign them in.

Have you noticed that when you are patient to judge a situation, it’s not as bad as you first thought?

Maybe the old adage, ” sleep on it,” is wisdom after all.

Your thoughts?

The Life Imagined

It’s time to start living the life you imagined. ——Henry James

The life I imagined?

Well, that just it. I don’t think I imagined my life or how it should go.

I have just lived it day by day, the best I knew how.

Regrets? Many!

Yet, if I were to imagine my life, I would certainly not make the same make twice. Especially knowing now, what I didn’t know then.

If I were to imagine my life, I imagine I would make it all good. Yet, doing so would eliminate the experiences, that at the time I judged as bad.

As I have become more mature in life, I note the higher growth times came from the bad times, had I imagined would happen, I would have eliminated.

One aspect of maturity is realization and acceptance of making errors. Another aspect is letting those errors be a teacher, not a eraser in our lives.

Describe the life you imagined.